Jonathan Nalder . Director . Project Manager . Photographer . Designer . Strategist 

Turning light, nature, people and products into rare visions that capture and share a story is something that fills Jonathan with wonder. His journey to learn how best to achieve this has taken twenty years so far. It began as a student of fourteen learning the craft of theatre and what elements lend drama to a scene. But it wasn't until he owned an early 2 megapixel digital camera that Jonathan was able to begin combining this knowledge with a technology that allowed him to record and then augment the landscapes, events and cities around him. Subsequent cameras and the rise of advanced editing and design tools that can now live on portable devices has further seen his practice develop with an agile and 'mobile-first' approach that not many can match. Find out more at

Luke Janniste . Designer . Critical Feedback . Composer . Project manager

Big ideas, expressed in the simplest ways have fascinated Luke Jaaniste over his fifteen years as a practicing composer and sound artist, and as a visual maker, thinker, teacher and organiser. He loves the methods of minimal and serial patterning, especially when they are invoked to produce the context for something gorgeous and organic. Whether he is making sounds, creating visions, or curating events, he wants it to be mesmerising.

Lucia Zanova . Social media and Story associate

The huge array of digital tools, networks and platforms that exist today can inspire a great deal of confusion that scares many people off from taking advantage of them as they know they need to. But there are also those such as Lucia who embrace the channels now available for telling stories and is not afraid to use them. Such bravura comes naturally to Lucia after having crossed the globe from Europe, learnt foreign languages and developed a whole new set of diverse colleagues and friends. All such experiences as well as previous experience with event management and promotions have given her a unique ability to creatively connect different tools and networks to what communities and stories need.