...its presentation here seems to occupy a kind of liminal space drifting somewhere between the familiar and the sublime. It’s the effect of visual symmetry, an exquisite interplay of clouds and lighting, and hypnotic sound cycles, which gradually draw one deeper into this synesthetic dream realm…
— TheMusic.com.au

What if we took those amazing moments when we connect with the vastness of our earth — the landscape, the horizon, the atmosphere, the ground — and re-explode it into electrified sensations that we can share online and in the flesh?


Live, extended versions of two new music-films
at Brisbane Powerhouse, Wed 15 February 2017
for the Brisbane Street Art Festival




Live, extended versions of two music-films (Blood Moon + Lines in the Sand)
at Metro Arts Cinema Space, Sun 11 December 2016



INFINITE DREAMS is a project that fuses the hypnotic organic-digital worlds of electronic musician HHAARRPP (Luke Jaaniste) and image-maker JNXYZ (Jonathan Nalder).

The project is based around a growing collection of music films, based on abstract landscape footage that JNXYZ regular shoots on his local and international travel, melded with the looping melodies, harmonies and almost orchestral textures of HHAARRPP. These music-films function as an ambient instrumental video clips or abstract films in which the protagonist nothing else but our earthly surroundings. As the artists say, "this is our hypnotic and atmospheric take on the music-video that is also a type of ambient cinema… as much music for the film as it is film for the music.”

INFINITE DREAMS is presented in two very different formats and scales.

The first is intimate, involving short music films released online, around 8-120mins duration.

The second is epic, involving live events which expand the music-films in space (using spatialised speaker systems, large-screens and, ideally, a reclining audience on cushions, in time (stretched out to 30-60mins works) and in the moment (HHAARRPP improvises live, morphing core layers of the existing electronic tracks with ethereal vocals and electric guitar) to produce an epic immersive full body experience.

For HHAARRPP and JNXYZ, it's all out punch, wonder, and mesmerisation. They welcome you into this journey.


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The first two music films — BLOOD MOON and LINES IN THE SAND — were created from a single take of 4K footage of a blazing sunrise overlooking the Pacific Ocean, shot on location at Shorncliffe Pier just north of Brisbane.

HHAARRPP describes the glorious morning of the shoot: “I was supposed to come too, but I slept in. When Jona (JNXYZ) arrived back from his trip, and showed me the footage, I was pretty blown away. We might never capture something like that again. And would you believe something so cinematic was shot on an iPhone? I was so inspired to join my music with this dreamy imagery. Felt like such a natural fit.”

Once the geometry and colour field took hold in JNXYZ’s post-production editing, HHAARRPP reworked two existing music tracks to match the arc of the footage.

BLOOD MOON looks up to the heavens, towards a scape of clouds and oceanic horizon, a moody beginning that builds and bursts into anthemic tones.

The fast-motion and mirror techniques in the film sees majestic cloud formations and shards of burning light collapse into themselves, like heavenly waves, whilst the few early morning walkers on the Sandgate Pier scurry like ants. A boat floats by and disappears into itself. Small incidental moments become epic occasions.

LINES IN THE SAND stares into the depths, into the waves and ripples of the shore line, rocks and sand, beginning with orchestral longing that transforms into throbbing and swirling electronica.

For this music, HHAARRPP has reworked and overlaid upon samples of “Sovereign Murders”, a track by Brisbane’s classical-pop band Nonsemble (composed by Chris Perren and featuring the voice of Cameron Bower from Big Dead).

HHAARRPP speaks in gushing tones about this Nonsemble track: “I’ve cried each time I’ve heard this song live. It’s so beautiful, despite the horrific subject matter of how we treat various foreigners coming to Australia. And Cameron Bower’s voice is so relaxed and divine. Reworking the track was a way to spend some intimate time with this song.”





HHHAARRPP is the atmospheric-electronica project of Luke Jaaniste, a Brisbane-based musician and artist known for creating vast vibrational trance-inducing music-scapes and immersive installations which put your entire body into a timeless expansive state. 

HHAARRPP is throbbing, ebbing, flowing, atmospheric and orchestral in scope. Whilst he works with the sounds of ambient, cinematic and club-based electronic (and live ethereal vocal loops and electric guitar), all this is informed be his training in classical music composition (at the Queensland Conservatorium).

Over the last two years, HHAARRPP has known for durational performances that can unfold across hours, using immersive surround sound amplification, with audiences lying down, or dancing/gliding about. This often site-specific approach has lead to many diverse sites, including rock venues, galleries, shop fronts, backyards, warehouses, carparks and dance studios.

Luke’s other projects, including Super Critical Mass, Mesmerism Inc, Theatre of Thunder, Trance Piano and more, have been featured in festivals and art spaces across Australia and overseas, including the Asia Pacific Triennial at GOMA, the California Pacific Triennial in LA and Jungle Love festival near Noosa.


JNXYZ is the moniker of film and image maker Jona Nalder, who works with light, nature and landscapes to create atmospheric journeys. 

JNXYZ grew up with, firstly, a love of theatre and drama — but it wasn't until he owned an early 2 megapixel digital camera that he was able to combine his knowledge of drama and storytelling with a technology that allowed him to record and then augment the landscapes, events and cities around him. 

The rise of editing and design tools that can now live on mobile devices has further seen JNXYZ’s practice develop with an agile and 'mobile-first' approach that provides endless opportunities for capturing what others miss

JNXYZ is often combining travel and imagery, having recently completed a research and scouting trip to Switzerland (stay tuned for some more film work based on this part of the world). He has created imagery for clients as diverse as Festivals, Barbers, private parties, Schools, Artists, Jewellers, cafes and more. 


The artistic friendship and collaboration of Luke Jaaniste (HHAARRPP) and Jona Nalder (JNXYZ) stretches back into early students days in Brisbane in the late 1990s, working on various underground projects together. They bonded over music, poetry, photography and inter-disciplinary arts events. After living in different regions and working on many other projects, they have recently connected again, excited by each other's recent work and the many potent synergies.

What they’ve created together is the nature result of their shared love of everyday beauty (think organic, earthy, humble, simple), of digital glow (think sic fi, technological, hyper reality) and of ambient expanse (think distant horizons, mountain scapes, super chill).