These three ideas are at the core of our approach to Story-telling and design. 

Elegance is how a design adheres to efficiency and simplicity so your audiences' journey with your story begins as seamlessly as possible. Punch refers to how the visual and story choices bring the disparate parts of your story together in a way that  has immediate impact. Wonder is the feeling your community can be left with when Elegance and Punch have been achieved.


This is the the three-part approach that can build trust between you and your Community.

Once we all lived in a 'village', but since the industrial revolution modern society and words like products and consumers have come to seperate us. The expert team at JNXYZ.VISION work to help you use modern tools that can overcome this to find your your unique story, use it to connect to and serve your 'digital' village, and build a community together so your business can grow.


Jonathan has pioneered ways to utilise the latest mobile technology to be able to produce stories and content that bring wonder to your community.

Agile tools such as mirror-less DSLR's, iPad Pro, iPhones with 4K video, Fly4K 360 degree camera and Vimble stabiliser allow us to be filming and capturing shots while others would still be setting up. This mobile commitment also allows on-site sketching of ideas, and editing and publishing in high quality in a nimble timeframe that was once unthinkable but allows us to adapt our projects to client needs.